Linkbuilding is the core of search engine algorithms such as Baidu and Google, and their importance is self-evident. The establishment of rich backlinks is also the core of SEO. There are many ways to increase backlinks, including querying opponents' backlinks. Linking, following in the footsteps of successful people, is the most effective and easiest way! For the analysis of backlinks, the commonly used query tools are limited to quantitative analysis, that is, only the number of backlinks can be seen, but the exact link source of the backlinks cannot be seen.

In foreign countries, the theory of backlink query has been systematic and mature, and the practice of search engine optimization has also proved the correctness of this theory.

What is a backlink?

Linkbuilding also called backlinks. External links refer to external websites that have your URL pointing to your website. In fact, they are declared inside the target document (webpage), requiring the target document to point to your own (webpage) link.

Backlinks include links to external websites and internal links to your own website. From an SEO point of view, backlinks are a very important factor in obtaining good search engine rankings. Therefore, the quality of backlinks directly affects the SEO optimization of the entire website and the amount of traffic the website obtains from search engines.

The role of backlinks is to convey the weight of web pages and guide search engine spiders to crawl the website, which can be further subdivided into the role of external website links and the role of website internal links.

The role of the internal chain is to facilitate netizens to inquire about relevant knowledge (or services), learn more about the website services in a more detailed and systematic manner, increase website stickiness, and effectively improve user experience.

The main function of the external link is to effectively transmit the weight of the webpage and guide the search engine spiders to crawl the website. Therefore, the external link of the relevant high-weight website is particularly important.

Generally speaking, the greater the number of backlinks, the higher the value of the site. The ranking algorithm of search engines mainly depends on the weight value of backlinks. Link analysis is the main research content of ranking optimization.

Backlink Query Instructions

For backlink query methods, the major search engines do not have a unified instruction. Here we mainly explain Baidu's domain instructions and Google's link instructions.


The instruction to query backlinks is domain, for example:, that is, enter "" in the Baidu search box, and the search result is contains All webpages of the keyword phrase (domain name) are equivalent to directly searching for "xxx". In addition, if you want to know how many web pages contain your URL, this command can also help you.

The meaning in Google is the same as the meaning of Link in Baidu. Domain is just a keyword. In Yahoo, it is the same as site usage, it can find all the included web pages under the domain name.

In Google, the link is used to query backlinks, for example: link:, but it should be noted that this link only includes the backlinks of the website. If needed, if you want to check all of them, go to Google Webmaster Tools to check all backlinks on the website.